Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pete Townshend warns iPod users

Today Pete warns iPod users about the dangers of listening to their iPods too loud ( While surely a noble effort from someone who is paying the price for having lots of loud music blasting through his head for the better part of his life, perhaps the 60 year-old musician isn't the right person to hit the target demographic of iPod users listening too loud. The Who are and were a great band, but does anyone under 20 really know of him other than when he was arrested for child pornography. He's not exactly the poster child for current music. He hasn't put out an album in years and his current one seems permanently delayed. Pete, it is great that you're getting the word out on what is a serious issue, but perhaps you could enlist Steve Jobs or Bono (proud faces of the iPod) and other "musicians" of the day to speak up about this also.


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