Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saddam steals show with claim of US torture

Saddam Hussein made claims in court today that he had been beaten at all places on his body and some of the beatings left still visible marks on his body. Hussein went on for 15 minutes accusing the Americans of physically harming him until his translator informed him that his English was a bit off. Apparently after his translator informed him of his mistake, Hussein became very quiet and his translator gave a brief statement.

"Mr Hussein apologises, while what came across was accusations of Americans hurting Mr. Hussein, in reality he meant to be confessing to beating and ordering beatings of Iraqiis."

This statement came much after Hussein called for punishment of those who had beaten other Iraqiis.

Hussein's lawyers then stood up and immediately objected to their client's statements, claiming that Hussein was reading from a statement that apparently got switched at the last minute.


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