Saturday, December 17, 2005

Republican thieves steal two-ton Moore Sculpture

In what seems to be a bit of a mistake, Republican thieves have reportedly stolen what they took for a life-size and weight Moore sculpture thinking it was of Michael Moore. Republican operatives had been working off of the best intelligence available prior to taking the sculpture from the estate outside London by using a flatbed truck. On a positive side, other than its sheer weight, it was not deemed a weapon of mass destruction. Tony Blair has released a statement that his people had nothing to do with the stealing of the sculpture, but that President Bush is a great man and the UK stands behind the USA 100%.

Otherwise, today was the first day commercial radio has been without Howard Stern. Granted it is a Saturday and typically without Mr Stern. That said feel free to write in the comments section if you want to offer a free Sirius radio and/or subscription. Not just Stern, but Mojo Nixon on, the world should be jealous.


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