Friday, December 23, 2005

New Jersey Looking for New State Slogan/Motto

Trying to overcome years of neglect as a state best known for the mob, the Meadowlands and sports teams that don't want to label themselves as coming from NJ, Governor Richard Codey is initiating a campaign to come up with a new slogan. "New Jersey: We'll win you over" was already rejected.
Other popular ones:
Come to New Jersey, it's not as bad as it smells
New Jersey: We can always use another relative on the payroll
New Jersey, the state that had that gay Governor.
New Jersey, the shortest route between New York and Delaware
New Jersey, better smelling once you cross the border (until you get to the farm areas, then it starts smelling again)
New Jersey - there is a reason for the air recirculation button in your car
New Jersey, the hairspray capital of the world
New Jersey, consistently leading the country with the top spots to have your car stolen
Come to New Jersey, you can have just as much input in state elections as our electorate.
Come to New Jersey - find Hoffa, win a million bucks
Come to New Jersey, our casino money doesn't go to the Indians.


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