Friday, December 30, 2005

Mexicans fume over fence building....

...but claim that they'll have the last laugh.

Mexican officials from all over the country are fuming at the concept recently passed in US Congress about building a high-tech fence across the Mexican border with the US. Initial Mexican reaction is outrage, which is difficult to detect because it is the middle of tequila tasting season. In any case Alberto Carcerone had this to say, "The stinkin Americans may think they are so smart at building a fence across the border to stop illegals from crossing the border, taking crappy jobs and sending their savings back to Mexico (ed note - this is the largest source of income in Mexico). But wait until they realize that they have no only outsourced all of their fence producing infrastructure and wire cutter production to Mexico. Who'll have the last laugh then. Besides, who do they think they'll be able to hire to do all that manual work? You aren't going to find some white guy to do it. You may be able to use convicts, but hey they want to go to Mexico to get out of jail anyway. Looks like they might be hiring some Mexicans to do the work anyway."

Various Senators and Congressmen who supported the idea had no comment claiming they were out of the office for the holidays.


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