Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bush Claims Responsibility for Hockey Strike

President Bush in a major mea culpa, has today claimed responsibility for the NHL strike which canceled the 2004-2005 hockey season. President Bush was slow to admit his involvement in the issue until Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin of the rapidly sinking Liberal Party in Canada called him on it.

Martin, trying to do anything he can to improve his or his party's position in Canada, is seen as largely grasping at straws. This one happened to stick. Earlier in Martin's "Don't Dictate to Me" speech, he chastised the United States for among other things:
Trying to push Canada into participating in the Iraq war
Making it quite a bit colder in both winter and summer
Hoarding most of North America's natural disasters
Beer with barely any alcohol
Last year's hockey lockout
Celine Dion's popularity

In closing his speech, Martin roused the crowd with "Eh? Eh? Eh? Canada is here to stay!".

In other news, another week has gone by without an engagement for Paris or Nicole.


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