Monday, January 23, 2006

Miss America in Vegas a Hit

For the first time the Miss America pageant was held outside of Atlantic City NJ. Ratings on the Country Music Channel (CMT) were at an alltime high and visitors to Vegas were pleasantly surprised.

For 2006 new categories were added to the show and the move to Vegas made for some interesting new behind the scenes footage.

Miss North Dakota was spotted with a number of other contestants at the Olympic Gardens club entertaining a number of gentlemen and ladies. While the pre-event activities were thought to have no impact on the voting, they were thought to have a positive impact on the contestants' wallets. Lap dances by state winners were going for a $50 premium all week.

Additionally being in Vegas allowed for more sport book action with the casinos reportedly bringing in millions in last minute bets by visitors who were trying to make up for losses in football.

In other not so surprising news, Amy Fisher and the Buttafuocos are planning a TV reunion. Joey hopes it may revive his floundering porn career.


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