Monday, March 06, 2006

Stewart Bombs on Oscars

Ok, not really sure. Everything I saw wasn't bad but my dish connection went bad on the weekend for my local channels so only some TVs got the signal. But what Hollywood writer is going to say he did well?

MSNBC alluded to it, but unlike his normal studio audience who tend to exist in the liberal and educated east coast, his largely liberal and not overly educated actor audience doesn't quite like laughing at themselves, current events or anything that doesn't involve physical humor...which pretty much means they'll laugh at anything a two year old will laugh at. So, Ben Stiller will have some new fans, but he probably got the Jon Stewart jokes anyway which defeats the purpose.

Meanwhile most of America still hasn't seen any of the movies that won awards and likely won't any time soon. Perhaps ABC should look into broadcasting and hosting the Razzies next year at least they aren't taken as seriously as the Oscars.


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