Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush, Cheney bin Laden Hunting

The President and the Vice President, Bush and Cheney and their families made a surprise visit to Afganistan today to show their support for the troops and the effort in Afghanistan. "America does not cut and run" Bush told the troops.

It was a surprise visit for all. Somewhat surprising was that the VP was on the trip and not at his usual undisclosed location. The President was overheard telling associates that the only reason Cheney was there was because he promised him a hunting trip. Quickly adding that he, the President, would be going along, "What? Are you crazy? I've seen what he can do to his hunting partners"

As a special treat the Pakistani government was trying to arrange a hunting expedition with the head of the Taliban, bin Laden. "Who better knows the lay of the land than Osama. We thought he'd make a great guide and surely he and the Vice Preident would have much to talk about.


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