Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Freedom of Speech Test

After a cartoon in a Danish newspaper of the Prophet Mohammad wearing a bomb hat has sparked protests and burning of the Danish Embassy in Lebanon (followed by a nice high that calmed down the attacking Lebanese until they got the munchies and decided to attack the Quicky Mart), now an Iranian newspaper is holding a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust.

This seems to b ring about a number of problems:
- If you can't show any pictures of Mohammad, how do they know what he looks like (someone sinned before the Danish paper). Its like the first rule of Fight Club.
- Don't a lot of Muslims deny that the Holocauust ever happened? How do you draw cartoons without in some way acknowledging that it existed.
- if the Iranian newspaper would crawl out from under its rock, it may notice that the Holocaust and the christian religous symbol, Jesus, are and have been used in satire, comics and popular culture in both good and bad lights for decades.

What's next, Palestinian's looking for potato famine cartoons, Republic of Congo looking for cartoons showing how the French don't fight? Indonesian papers showing Jews being cheap?

It doesn't seem to be a battle with many good results for Muslims as most of the world doesn't seem to really care.


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