Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cats Storming Embassies

Following Muslim protests against Danish cartoonists, cats worldwide have been storming US embassies and offices of United Features Syndicate and King Features two of the largest comic strip syndicates. There have also been widespread denial of service attacks against their respective websites, and

Cats have been protesting their unfair betrayal in comics such as "Get Fuzzy," "Garfield," "Dilbert," and "Hi and Lois." In a press release issued by the cats they claim, "We are tired of being portrayed as fat, lazy and scheming. We do more than eat and sit around the house and we certainly aren't as entertaining as the number of comic strips would suggest. Seeing how world unrest can be brought about by something as innocent as a comic strip, we are working as a brotherhood to better portray our species."

A number of cats were found on the streets outside of King Features alternately sleeping and lying in the sun wearing banners proclaiming, "You might be too tough for Greenwich public schools, but you've never been subjected to the fury of cats" believed to be directed at the King Features president.


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