Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catholic League to Call for New Elections

William Donohue, president of the far-right organization called the Cartholic League made an appearance on the Today Show (today) furthering his request that the "Davinci Code" movie contain a warning at the beginning detailing that the work is based on fiction.

Now why the far-right now all of a sudden includes (or even centers on) Catholicism I don't know. Last I checked the majority of Catholics are in the Northeastern US, which is no bastion of the extreme right judging by the last few decades of elections. Also the Bible has been shown to have as many or more holes as James Frey's "Million Little Pieces". So for one to go on the attack about a movie/book which, god forbid, may cause one to question some of the things they've been blindly following most of their life, seems a little odd.

Also, why is the far right now the religious right? Religious zealots in the rest of the world are called radicals. And more importantly, does anyone care that much about the "Davinci Code?" Enough to have this radical be the public face of their argument no less? Maybe this is due to not having a strong religious background, but as a figurehead of any public company, this guy should be let go and forced into hiding.

Freedom of speech is what the country is about, and more importantly so is the ability to express ones views about religion. But, does anyone involved in Catholicism really want Donohue speaking for them?


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