Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jackson Confused With Restroom

Michael Jackson has stirred up the controversy pot again. The musician who is now living in Dubai of the UAE chose to go into the womens room recently rather than the nearby men's room. Jackson has denied doing anything wrong, explaining "I've got both parts."

Experts have expressed little surprise in the happenings, dismissing the incident because Jackson is so infrequently outside anyway and in the Arab world the signs identifying the two restrooms are so similar.

What was unexpected however was that the two women who were in the restroom were immediately removed from the building and stoned out in the parking lot. There was no comment on the occurance by anyone within the UAE, other than the claim that there was due to be a 2 o'clock stoning regardless.

Elsewhere in the U.S. The CMA and the Vibe hip-hop awards were shown opposite eachother but Tivo'd in Eastern Europe and the Middle East where they have been on a continuous loop being shown to prisoners. Said a recently released prisoner, "First we dreamed of leaving the Shi'ite torture prison and go to Abu Ghraib, after seeing the Vibe and CMA awards, we've changed our minds."


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