Friday, July 27, 2007

Lohan overpowers 3 guys?

According to TMZ Lohan commandeered the Tahoe with three guys in it. Lindsay being huge and everything, it does seem a little hard to believe. She apparently took her assistant's boyfriend's car and ran over one of the guys who had been in the car. Looks like these guys should spend less time in the sun.

Sandler turning into Winkler?

Having just seen Chuck and Larry last night there were a few surprising things:
1. Adam Sandler as a vampire looks an awful lot like Henry Winkler.
2. Rob Schneider in perhaps a first never had the like "You can do it!" Although there were ample opportunities.

In other news if you want to own something that Jerry Garcia sat his naked butt on, there is an auction on Ebay for his former bidet and 2 person jacuzzi among other items. The proceeds will go to charity and are from his old house after the current owner did some renovations.