Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lohan blames lack of lashing out to drinking

In a surprise twist in the celebrity world, just not a teen, Lindsay Lohan has blamed alcohol for her not lashing out at various groups, "First of all, I don't drink at clubs, I'm underage. Why would I want to drink at a club, I can pop a Red Bull and feel better. Second of all, when I do drink, it is in the comfort of my own home and with friends. See why go driving around and risk getting arrested and an unflattering mug shot that Jimmy Kimmel puts up. Besides, the alcohol just relaxes me. Anyway, if there is anyone who doesn't need but has a bad example of what alcohol can do (and land you in the press) its me. Just look at my family. "

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Only 4 US cities ready for crisis

Only 4 US cities have emergency communications gear allowing police, fire and medical officials to coordinate fully during a crisis, a federal report said.

That is only for major cities. The same status was awarded to smaller metropolitan areas of Sioux Falls, SD and Laramie Wyoming.

Said Billy Joe Frasier the chief of police for Laramie, "I don't know what the big deal is, Jimmie James (fire chief) and Big Phil (head of the largest and only hospital in Laramie) have never had any problems talking to eachother. We just use a regular CB, heck only about 10 people in town have 'em".