Friday, May 05, 2006

Kennedy in Rehab, Peter Tork a Counselor?

Unrelated, but Patrick Kennedy has just admitted himself into rehab, presumably for favorable court treatment over his wrecking his Mustang in DC last night while going to an important vote that only he was aware of.

In other news, while there are plenty of fantasy camps, started with baseball and carried over into other sports such as hockey with the recent Mark Messier Leadership Camp ( there appears to be a new one on the loose. "Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp" ( has just hung its shingle out highlighting counselors such as Peter Tork, Spencer Davis and Kip Winger. The camp to be based in NY has a battle of the bands and is sponsored by Sirius, Gibson and VH-1 Classic. From the page its hard to understand how Dr. John and Levon Helm and others which are in the ads will fit into the mix.

Maybe the two subjects are related. If there are any two groups familiar with the abuses of alcohol and drugs, its rock-n-rollers and the Kennedys.


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