Friday, March 17, 2006

Strippers Get Benefits

Australian strippers part of the stripper union, Striptease Artists Australia, have won the right to time off. Australia's Industrial Relations Commission ruled that the strippers now have the right to public holiday pay, overtime, rest periods, maternity leave and meal breaks.

Union spokesperson (I'm not making this up) Mystical Melody is very excited, "We've got rosters and set hours. We can't work more than ten hours a shift."

Now, I didn't think that strippers received much in hourly pay, and really wasn't aware that it was such an upstanding business that strippers stayed at the same bar 9 months, let alone wanting to come back right after a kid.

Also very unclear is how many patrons are eager to see the near-birth strippers shimmying on a pole prior to taking their maternity leave or watch them dance just a month aftert birth. Then again, things are a little different down there, but I wasn't thinking that different.


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