Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blood on the Hands of Cruise and Scientology

A new war has broken out against Scientology and Tom Cruise, blaming them for the death of a mother who was stabbed to death by her schizophrenic son. Ads have been taken out in LA papers blaming them and their stance against psychotic medications for her death.

While this might just be one of the opening salvos in a thousand year war, the church is coming under increasing scrutiny. The creators of South Park are alleging censorship brought on by Cruise and the church. And they've lost the lovable chef character played by Isaac Hayes, another Scientologist, who has left the show in protest. He reportedly will be doing voiceover work for Cruise attempting to make Cruise sound less crazy.

As is the case with many Hollywood causes (see the Democratic Party) it is widely believed the rest of the world could care less if the names involved didn't attract so much publicity.

Elsewhere, Paris Hilton is reportedly breaking up with her boyfriend/ex-fiance over language issues. It was reported yesterday that she was miffed he was speaking Greek in front of her. New reports today claim that it was Stavros who did the breaking up with claims that he couldn't understand anything coming out of Miss Hilton's mouth and determining the various meanings of "hot" was driving him crazy.


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