Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roth Out!

David Lee Roth is reportedly out on the CBS station morning shows he took over from Howard Stern. According to siriusfannetwork he will be replaced in his markets by the "Opie and Anthony" show which was previously booted from Viacom's radio waves after airing a show where two people were having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The show will be a simulcast of their XM Radio show, presumably with a delay and someone sitting on the kill switch. While a good move of O&E, and perhaps questionable by Viacom and XM (the latter based on the terms of the deal) its not clear why or if Viacom ever approached Sirius with a similar offer for the Stern show itself, which would have seemed like an obvious fit upon Stern's departure to Sirius Sattelite in the first place. While Howard this morning is claiming his love of his current deal, one has to imagine he's kicking himself a little for not finding yet another revenue stream to line his pockets with. Additionally Sirius could have had another revenue stream. Personally I thought Viacom was going to do this with Howard when Stern left. Maybe the deal falling through is why the lawsuit for stealing advertising time was brought.

Not sure if this helps XM draw new subscribers as their once "premium package" performers are now going to be available for free in a number of the country's biggest radio markets. Or will this drive more people to Sirius for variety since the unique content on XM is now available for free again.


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