Monday, October 31, 2005

Cause of Garcia Death Still in Dispute

While widely reported as having died from sleep apnea on August 9th 1995, no one believes that it was not somehow drug related. San Francisco, which just dedicated a 600-seat amphitheater in Jerry Garcia's honor is still sticking by the apnea story. The rest of the country thinks there must be something in the fog for them to keep believing this.

John Rizner from the University of Michigan Medical Center's sleep deprivation expert weighs in with "While the popular theory is complications related to sleep apnea, after reading through his medical reports, I've determined that he actually died of SIDS.

In other news Janet Jackson admitted that she did have a child with her former husband DeBarge. "I didn't keep it hidden for myself, but to protect the child from Michael, we weren't sure which way he leaned. As he's now 17, I think he should be safe. Besides, Michael is moving to Bahrain."

Unknown to all is where this mysterious Jackson sister Rebbie came from. According to Jake Berg a Jackson family expert, "Who's Rebbie? At least there were jokes about Tito. A Jackson not pushed to the limelight, I don't believe it.


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